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Sept 11th, 2021


Please take the time to read these guidelines.  


Do dancers need to wear masks in the studio?

• Yes. Everyone will need to wear a mask inside the studio. Dancers are asked to bring a Ziplock bag, or a paper bag into their dancing room with them. They can remove their masks and place it in their bag when their dance class begins. Unless partaking in a dance class, everyone will be wearing a mask.

Are parents permitted inside the dance studio?

• One parent/guardian is asked to stay inside the dance studio for dancers in Little Steps or Nursery Classes, or for children with special needs who may need assistance. All others are asked to remain out of the building. This is because we need to follow the current social distancing requirements that have been set forth by the provincial government and local health district. We have closely calculated the number of dancers with the space we have, and just can’t accommodate parents in the waiting area. We do have 15 minutes in between classes, and your dancer’s teacher will bring them to the door after class to visually see you pick them up.  We will be taking the names of guardians entering the building for contact tracing purposed.  

Are there hand sanitization stations in the studio?

• Yes. There will be a sanitization station at the entrance and exit, in the waiting area, in both bathrooms, and in each dance room. If you prefer for your child to use their own sanitizer you may send them in with it. Please have the bottle labelled with their name.


What does my dancer bring to class?

• A water bottle, and their dance shoes. Hair should be completely up. We would like hair in a bun or French braids for cleanliness. Enter the studio wearing their appropriate dance attire please as we are discouraging dancers from needing to change before class as much as possible.


When can I drop my dancer off and pick them up?

• We are asking that dancers are dropped off to the studio 5 minutes before their class begins and are picked up within 5 minutes of their class ending. Following this will help us out tremendously with the flow in and out of the studio this season. A dance teacher will be at the doors.  Please remind them that running is not permitted in the parking lot. 


What happens if my child has multiple classes but has a break in between longer than the 15 minutes?

• If this is the case, please send us an email to We are in the process of creating a space in the studio to safely accommodate that these students may remain in the building while still practicing social distancing guidelines.


When should we keep our dancer home?

• Please use out Covid-19 Screening tool (link is at the top of this page).  


Will my dancer need to change clothes in between classes?

• We are trying to avoid this as much as possible, so our dress code is a little more relaxed this year than in previous years. The colour of dancer tights being worn to class doesn’t really matter for these students, but we suggest transition tights for dancers involved in Acro and any other classical style. Please contact us with specific questions about your dancer if they are in multiple classes per evening.


Will someone be there to help tie my child’s dance shoes if I’m not there?

• 100%. In fact, even though parents send the dancers into us with their shoes tied, they often become undone! The dancer teacher will wear a mask and sanitize their hands before and after that sort of close contact with all dancers.


Will equipment used in class be sanitized between each class?

• Yes. All equipment and training aids will be sanitized between each dancer. This includes acro mats, balls and yoga mats used for Progressing Ballet Technique, and ballet barres/chairs.


We appreciate your cooperation, and hope that everyone understands that the safety of our community is a priority. 



Christine, Dana and Erin
CDE Dance Academy 

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