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Dance Exams

A Proud Tradition of Excellence

At our studio examinations are necessary for students wishing to proceed to the next syllabus level. Additionally, taking an exam and passing gives a student a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in knowing they are improving each year. They also receive a certificate and medallion to show for all of their hard work!  

If you are interested in this process for your child, please send us an email so that we can help advise you on the best plan for your dancer's needs!

While we do hold dance exams each year, not all students are able to participate each year, as sometimes it can take a few years to achieve the next level.  This typically depends on the students amount of time spent in class, practice schedule, and discipline.  Students are to memorize 20-60 minutes of work without teacher direction, as early as 6 years old, and they must be attentive enough to stay still during that time without speaking.  This can be a great challenge for some children, but we enjoy the process of helping them along that path of independence.  

Our studio can offer exams from ages 3+ in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, Modern, Highland and Step Dancing through BATD (British Association of Teachers of Dancing).  Additionally, we are able to examine Ballet though Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, International Dance Teachers Association, and the Society of Russian Ballet.  We are also about to offer Jazz and Tap Exams through ADAPT, and Acrobatic Arts and Acrobatique for Acro. 

Dance exams are a privilege, and are mandatory for dancers in competitive programs (if their style is being run that year, and they are asked to participate). 

If dancers complete exams to the end, they will leave our studio with Associate degrees in their areas of study.  They must also be taken in order past PrePrimary for BATD, and for SRB, age permitting that must be in order. 

Most commonly, our studio holds exams under BATD and SRB, and in ballet, we will often rotate years between the organizations in order to provide a well rounded education to our dancers. 

Levels for BATD:

  1. Starlite 1

  2. Starlite 2

  3. PrePrimary

  4. Primary

  5. Grade 1

  6. Grade 2

  7. Grade 3

  8. Grade 4

  9. Grade 5

  10. Grade 6 (Ballet only)

  11. Elementary

  12. Intermediate (Optional)

  13. Advanced (Optional)

  14. Associate  

Levels for Society of Russian Ballet:

  1. Primary

  2. Level 1

  3. Level 2

  4. Level 3

  5. Level 4

  6. Level 5

  7. Level 6

  8. Level 7

  9. Level 8

  10. Pre Elementary

  11. Elementary

  12. Intermediate (Optional)

  13. Advanced (Optional)

  14. Pre-Professional (Optional)

  15. Associate

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