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Updated March 23rd, 2020

Good Evening Dance Family,


We have made the extremely difficult decision to keep our studio closed. This will be in effect for at least the month of April, but we will be re-assessing the situation as time continues. 


The rescheduled classes that we had set for the last week of March and first week of April are also cancelled.


Please let the dancers know that we didn’t want this. Tell them that we’re sad, and are working on their next dances for them from our own houses.  


We will continue to share resources on our Facebook page and will also start emailing out resources weekly to help keep your dancer moving from home.  The major professional schools are sending out free resources, and we are happy to pass them along.  If it’s not enough, please send us an email at and we will do everything we can to help. 


We have not cancelled our dance recital at the end of June, and are holding out hope for that timeframe. Like everyone, we’re navigating this difficult time as cautiously, but as optimistically as we can. 


Our schedule for 2020-2021 will be posted on our website and on Facebook on April 15th as scheduled.  Registration fees for September for returning students will be waived. 


We will also be emailing out Competitive Invitations for group routines May 15th and ask that they are returned as quickly as possible.  In times like these, we hope that this will bring some optimism and hope for normalcy in the near future.  


We will not be cashing any cheques or processing any credit cards starting in the month of April.  We humbly ask that if you owe the studio money from previous months, and are still receiving income, that you pay those bills if at all possible. We will not be receiving any income for the dance studio for a while, but are confident in the fact that we will reopen for our 9th season. 


We will be adding a half month tuition credit to your family’s account to make up for lost time in March that can go toward the next operating month we have. 


You can login to your online account to pay those amounts, or even etransfer to:

Please use the password “dance” if you choose this method. 


Again, if we can be of any virtual assistance at all, please reach out.  If the kids want to show us a move or a dance, please send it our way.  


We want to thank our extended dance family for their support in this uncertain time ❤️.   For those of you being financially impacted in a negative way, know that you’re in our thoughts.  For those of you who are able to, please continue supporting your local small businesses. 


Stay safe, wash your hands, and keep dancing. 


We love you all,

Christine, Dana and Erin


Updated March 16th, 2020


CDE Dance Academy will be closed effective immediately, until public schools reopen on Monday, April 6th.   

We want to help protect our dancers, and limit any possibility of infection as best we know how.  


We are aiming to be proactive about this situation, and will be sending out some virtual tools to continue dance education over these next few weeks.  We have also created a schedule for us to catch up for any time lost.  You will notice that the dates for these classes are: May 1-3 and May 8-10.  You can see that schedule by clicking HERE

We are also postponing studio photos at this time.  

In the event that some of our dance competitions are cancelled or postponed, we will notify you immediately and move these dates into the last two weekends of April instead.  

We will continue to keep you updated, and appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Stay Safe, Wash your Hands, and Keep Dancing.

-Christine, Dana and Erin

Update March 13th 

If your family vacations outside of the country, we are asking that you don't attend any scheduled dance classes or events at our studio for 14 days.  This includes any regular classes, camps, or workshops.  If you are missing regular classes during a self-quarantined time, please email us, and we will help make arrangements with you to make up for missed instructional time. This may come in the form of additional classes at the end of the year, joining additional classes at the studio, or having access to online instruction.  This includes all dancers at the studio, including our competitive team members.  

As always, if your child presents any contagious symptoms, please send us an email or facebook message so we can pass the absence information along to the teacher, and keep them home. 

In an effort to keep the amount of people in our studio to a minimum, we are asking that parents drop their children off at the studio, and that they do not wait in our waiting area until April 6th.  

If you are the parent of a child that fits any of these criteria, please remain in the building:

  • Under the age of 5 (limit to one parent)

  • Child with special needs (limit to one parent)

We will be enforcing that children wash their hands, before they enter the classroom during this time.  If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and keep on dancing. 


We will update this section in the event that things change


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